Annex Products Quad Lock iPhone Universal Mounting System

Annex Products latest creation Quad Lock Has Arrived Attach your iPhone anywhere using one simple multi-purpose mounting system Melbourne, Australia – May 14, 2012 - Annex Products, the leading manufacturer of the Opena case, announces availability of the Patent Pending Quad Lock, the ultimate mu ...    Read More »

First Look: SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain

SRAM engineers have created an X01 drivetrain that is optimized to take on the demands of downhill racing.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: The BMC TrailFox TF01 XX-1 Trailcrew is a go-to enduro race bike

Swiss precision is in full effect on the BMC TrailFox TF01 XX1 Trailcrew, a thoroughbred high performer with a price tag to match.   Read More »

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Thomson Dropper in stock at Universal

Universal now has both 30.9 and 31.6 Thomson droppers in stock. They only have 9 30.9 in stock though. The important part is that you can take 15% off the price, which brings it down to $382 with free shipping.Read More »

Stan's rim strip with Stan's Universal Valve

Hello All, Yesterday, the pump head pulled the valve of my Stan's rim strip through the valve hole of an XC717, leaving the strip in place to engage the tire. I can get a new strip, but have universal presta valves available and was wondering if anyone has just plugged one of those through the rim ... Read More »

Universal tire sizing?

Why can't manufactures list a better / accurate tire measuring system? I can buy 5 different tires in the same listed sizes and come up w/ different measurable sizes (same rim & tire pressure). I would probably be more apt to purchase tires if I really knew their true size. I think this is quite imp ... Read More »

Universal Small Buckle and Strap Replacement

My Shimano SH-M086L's buckle strap's teeth is pretty chewed up, and a replacement Universal Small Buckle and Strap set is due soon. On examining the strap, I can't figure out how remove the old strap. There is a little plastic "stop", that I don't know how to depress. Does any one know how to remove ... Read More »

Are pedals universal?

I just spent 30 minutes screwing my brains out trying to get my new Vault DMR pedals on my Yeti. I screwed backward, I screwed go. This fruitless effort was made worse by the fact that as I helplessly watched, the sun slid behind the horizon and my limited riding time evaporated. ... Read More »

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