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Univega back with a bang!

'The Ram ES-970 is the dog's danglers' Taken from the March issue of  'Abandon those preconceptions, and take a look at a really good Univega. They're back with a bang, and the Ram ES-970 is the dog's danglers. The Ram is based around the Commencal-esque 4-Link Support Enduro frame and features ...    Read More »

Big In Bavaria: Riders update & registration for GO BIG OR GO HOME

First riders update & registration for the open qualifyer GO BIG OR GO HOME online Munich, Germany June 16th, 2010 – The international BIKE EXPO tradeshow does not only host the second edition of the BIG IN BAVARIA dirt jump competition, but also an open qualifying event called GO BIG OR GO HO ...    Read More »

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Replacing brakes with disk brakes, univega ds900

Seeking advice on if it's cost effective to try to find disk brakes that will go on my ancient univega ds900. Would it be more economical to just get a new to me bike with disk brakes already on it? If it's doable and worth the money, any suggestions on where and what parts I need for this project ... Read More »

Univega Borlaite B4c

1996/7 complete bike full xtr, grey frame, rock shox judy, xtr hubs laced to mavix rims, rode 1 year and stored until now, inherited from an estate sale i got it for $275, will post pics when i canRead More »

late 80's Univega Alpine Sport

Picked this up last week with plans to strip the components for another non vintage, but retro build. Once in hand, I couldn't help but clean her up and take a lap around the block. The components are flawless, functionally, the big surprise for me was the Tange Prestige tubing, matching fork and ... Read More »

Whats my 1993 univega alpina s6.7 worth

[B]i am currently in possession of a 93 univega alpina s6.7 all stock... Its got some rust but no cracks dents or re welds on frame just some rust. Rear rim needs to be trued. Other than that this mtb is ready to go... I am putting it up for sale and can not find a singlr re sale price via, ebay, cr ... Read More »

My Univega Alpina S6.5 1993

Here is my baby, over 10K miles and on its second full drive train. Need to replace the stem since it suffered a crack. Still rides great for a 20y old bike. I have since moved to a 29er but I still like to take her out from time to time and get her dirty. MarkRead More »

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