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Project Bike: Danish man builds son coolest balance bike ever

When Kasper Albrekt decided to get a bike for his young son Jakob, he had trouble finding one that got him excited. So the Danish bike shop guy turned a Specialized Hotwalk into the “S-Walk”—quite possibly the world’s coolest kickbike.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Pivot shoots for Holy Grail status with new Mach 6 Carbon

The versatile Mach 6 shoots for Holy Grail territory with it’s wide-ranging capabilities for a wide range of riders. Does it hit the mark? Read our Bottom Line review and find out.    Read More »

Video: Santa Cruz Jackal Day Trip With Bryceland and Peat

Pump tracks and dirt jump parks are all the rage but big wheels and all that suspension are not really the ideal tools for the job. Bryceland and Peat cruise around with the Santa Cruz Jackal and just have fun with their dirt jump bikes.   Read More »

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Conti and Mavic: An unholy union?

Greetings! I have been attempting to mount my new UST Trail King 2.2 on my Mavic Crosstrail rim for two days now. I cannot get this bead to even get close to seating. I started with a floor pump but moved up to a compressor with no better results. So how does one lay/fit a tire to this rim so it ... Read More »

Photo Heavy -- Poland Junction to Mount Union Ride

I thought it would be better to post a new thread. Changing the old one would be confusing. Last week I got to sit up in the fire lookout tower on Mt Union. The gentlemen who works there talked about he discovered the Yarnell fire and how it progressed on that fateful day. I'll be riding P ... Read More »

Brewers Union Local 180

Here's to Brewers Union Local 180 in Oakridge, OR for being named one of the top 10 Nano Breweries in the country! You can start a gammut of rides right from the brewery and finish with good food and pints. Check out the riding and the brew, both are awesome!Read More »

Learn how to Jump at Union JumpShip in Victoria BC

[URL="http://jumpshipcontest.com/2012/06/mudbunnies-womens-clinic"]http://jumpshipcontest.com/2012/06/m...-womens-clinic[/URL] The Muddbunnies are landing in Victoria with professional coaches and a uniquely feminine take on the sport we all know and love. What’s that you say? I don’t know how to ... Read More »

Upgrading a Royce Union fsa 100

I have 2 1990's Royce Union FSA100 bikes that I want to get rolling again. I've searched for specs, builds. All I've found is a few reviews and not much else. Drive train reviews were poor on the FSA100. Better on the FSA2000. Same y-type frame with better components. I read one reviewer re ... Read More »

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