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Barnegat Branch Rail trail Berkeley Twp

Just got home from a real nice ride on the Berkeley section. We biked from CentrL ave to Cedar Creek trestle to Dudly Park. Some houses are visible but the ride south of Serpentine Ave is the nicest part of the ride. paved entrances and black gravel make the ride nice. There is a small parking lot o ... Read More »

4 trail ride 10/16/2010 Shelby Twp

Massive Fallout [url]http://www.massivefallout.org/[/url]Read More »

Death at Avon/Wash. Twp. Park

For those of you so inclined, this man's family could use your thoughts and prayers: [url]http://www.hmba.org/smf/index.php?topic=7560.0[/url] [url]http://flyergroup.com/local/x797275862/Bike-ride-leads-to-weekend-death[/url]Read More »

Patriots Path MDHM TWP

Hey guys. Old guy here just finally getting into mtb. Question on Patriots Path in Mendham - specifically in the township by the twp police station on cherry. When coming down to the police station, from the elementary school direction, WHERE do you pick it up across the street? I couldn't find ... Read More »

Rockaway Twp. Conditions Report

I finally got on some dirt for the first time this season. Conditions around Mt. Hope Pond and the quarry trails near White Measdow Lake in Rockaway, Twp. were much drier than I expected. Except for the usual muddy low areas (the rail trail behind Dwyer School was a mess and to be avoided) the t ... Read More »



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