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Video: Four-year-old twins shred trails and bike park

Pair of four-year-old twins look to be on track for world cup victories in the year 2016.    Read More »

Product News: SRAM releases new MTB brake system called Guide

SRAM announces the release of a new, four-piston hydraulic disc brake system called Guide aimed at the trail/all-mountain segment.    Read More »

Review: Cane Creek DBAir CS rear shock

The DBAir CS is a more polished and greatly improved shock than its predecessor, and the CS mode offers increased pedaling efficiency and riding comfort on difficult climbing terrain.   Read More »

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Mike Vanderman's Twin Brother?

Must be some similar kook genes. [url=http://bigstory.ap.org/article/psychiatrist-pleads-guilty-sabotaging-trails]Psychiatrist pleads guilty to sabotaging trails[/url]Read More »

Scott Spark 40 Suspension Twin Loc issue

Hi, I have a new Spark 40 that arrived today and once I completed the small build-work required I took it for a spin. It's a great bike but I noticed that switching the Twinloc remote controlling the Rock Shox Reba RL Air 120mm on the front and the DT Swiss M210 at the rear resulted in very little d ... Read More »

Break in's near Twin Gate?

Has anyone heard anything about break in's on Empire Grade near Twin Gate's? Saw broken glass on both sides of the street on Saturday and was a little bit worried about parking thereRead More »

Twin XM-L2

While im waiting for the postman to deliver my XM-L2's/XP-G2's, I've come up with this idea for a helmet light.. Although i've still not decided which optics to use..Aspherics or conventional optics.. Driver will have to be a Lflex.. [img]http://www.zen74279.zen.co.uk/DIY/TwinXML2/Twin_Helmet_lig ... Read More »

Fair Price on a used Romic Twin Tube

I'm thinking about selling the 7.875 X 2.25 Romic with off of my ID, but i can't find anyone selling one used. Anyone got an estimate on a fair price on a lightly used, no leaks Romic Twin Tube? have 500 LB coil spring with it.Read More »

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