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Twenty2 Cycles Rohloff fattie

Some photos of my Twenty2 Cycles 135mm offset Rohloff fattie. Inspired, in part, by riding for a month with Joe Cruz in South America (Perú) and by Jakob; this bike will be riding the Canning Stock Route in just over 2 months. Scott Felter's Hunter fat long-tail will be in there too. The photos ... Read More »

Twenty2 Cycles FS Fatbike?

[url]http://www.facebook.com/twenty2cycles#!/photo.php?fbid=501407826539887&set=a.220400724640600.69534.206181676062505&type=1&theater[/url]Read More »

Twenty2 Cycles - Bully for Me

Fed Ex truck brought this today. I usually like to do my own builds, but couldn't resist the full build that Twenty2 was offering. The whole process took just about 3 weeks. Proabaly could've done it quicker, but I was trying to hold out for Marge Lites (to no avail). Even with the RDs, it came in a ... Read More »

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Twenty2 Cycles Product Categories

Fat Bikes

Steel Bully 0
0   Reviews
$ 1300.00
Titanium Bully 5
1   Reviews
$ 2950.00


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