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Turbocat replacement battery

I have a set of early to mid 1990's turbo cat light's. I have not used them for many years and the battery is no good. The lights and switches appear to be in good order. I took the battery pack apart and the battery is a Panasonic LCR6v6.5BP. Searching the net, I can only seem to find LCR6v6.5BP2. ... Read More »

Turbocat S15

just wanted to say this light has performed very well for me , very reliable.I have the macho batterie and the 15 w spot bulb, this my 4th season of commuting and riding off road with this light:thumbsup:fairly priced too.I have about 85 mile a week commute year round.Read More »

looking for replacement battery for Nimh 6 V 4.0 Ah TurboCat lights

The nickel-metal hydride, 6 volt, 4.0 Ah, BATTERY to power the S-10 and S-15 lights. want same battery it came with the 5 (green battery)pack has "4000 mAh" "Japan FLH" marked on each battery . Any place I can order these ? Any link input appreciated DRead More »

larger diameter turbocat clamp?

I upgraded to larger bars on my bike and am trying to decide if I need to keep my S-15 beam closer to stem/centerline? as is the smaller light clamp would put the light beam clear out by the shifter clamps.Turbo cat sells really nice cnc machined clamps at about 35.00:eekster: so kinda expensive.Read More »

Aftermarket battery for Turbocat S32?

I'm no expert in the field of batteries or lights… I just want them bright & for my battery to give me a solid 3-4 hours before fading. Do any of you experts have any ideas without the need to modify the bulbs, etc… I was looking into a NiMh14.4v, 5000 mAh bottle battery from batteryspace, but I'm r ... Read More »

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