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Ogre + Tubus+ Cascadia

Its probable been done to death but I've done some searches here in the forum and my eyes are going square from it all. The sites web pages seem to load really slowly so I figure I'm just going to ask. My Ogre frame has arrived and so has my Tubus Cosmo and Nova racks. Now I'm pretty confiden ... Read More »

Tubus ergo, surly nice front rack or old man mountain ultimate low rider?

Tubus ergo, surly nice front rack or old man mountain ultimate low rider? I can't decide on which on to go with. Part of me wants to settle on the tubus since it's relatively cheap. The old man mountain has a better design in that the upper bars are able to be always level to the ground. But i ... Read More »

Tubus Cargo: Classic or Evo?

I'm about to order a Tubus Cargo rack for my Ogre. I see that there are now to versions, the Classic and the Evo. Anyone knows their differences? Which one is considered to be better? ThanksRead More »

Tubus Swing fitted to a Giant XTC 2

Got a chance today to install my [URL="http://www.tubus.com/"]Tubus Swing[/URL] front rack on my [URL="http://aushiker.com/julia-giant-xtc-2-bob-the-bob-ibex-plus/"]Giant XTC 2[/URL] in preparation for a short bikepacking trip late next month (if all goes to plan). Yet to ride it but I had one p ... Read More »

Tubus Airy and Salsa Fargo help please

My bike is an hour away and I need to order a Tubus Airy for it. Can any suggest what length stays and rounds I'll need, maybe an extension on the bottom? From where I'm sitting it all just be a guess. Thanks for any best guesses.Read More »


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Cargo Rear Rack 5
2   Reviews
$ 95.00
Tara Lowrider Rack 0
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$ 75.00




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