Race Report: True Grit 100

Sonya Looney's full report on the 100-mile, True Grit 100 bike race in St. George, Utah. See how Sonya fared on the rough, rowdy, and technical course.    Read More »

Review: Serfas True 750

This new player was showing hints of brilliance on the the self-contained category but we just wanted more light so it would be sufficient for trail riding. So now, we are happy to see the the Serfas True 750 which actually measures better at 773 lumens.   Read More »

Review: Serfas True 550

Instead of sticking with the light chassis from last year, Serfas stepped it up with a brand new, more robust chassis this year. The new one seems bigger with more cooling fins. It has air ports in front near the lens that serve to funnel air through the heat sink and cool the light down at speed.   Read More »

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How to perfectly true a rim

Hey guys, I'm wondering how to get that perfect true on a wheel. I can usually get the wheel pretty true, but it almost always has a slight, slight imperfection or whatnot. Any tips or suggestions? Do the calipers on the truing stand indicate wheel dish? thanksRead More »

True weight of Rockshox Recon Silver TK lower than listed

Just received my fork today! I went to my LBS and it is getting installed as we speak. I was curious about the weight difference between the stock Suntour XCR 29" and the Rockshox Recon Silver TK 29". Rockshox lists the Recon at 2186g. My local bike shop weighted the Recon before any cutting ... Read More »

Tire wobble, Rim true?

Had my rear tire burp on me yesterday coming around a corner (Hope to never have that happen again it was quite disconcerting). The tire seated back up, I put some air in it and didn't think anything about it. Today however I noticed a pretty decent tire wobble. Removed the tire and the rim is true. ... Read More »

True or False? - Uphill Switchback Uses Same Body Position as Track Stand

In attempting to put into words for a novice rider the proper way to maintain traction and make an uphill switchback, I boiled it down to: Learn how to track stand, then go do your uphill switchback. Does this seem like sound advice? I managed to demonstrate it, even rolling backwards a bit o ... Read More »

Rim too bent to re-true?

I failed to put the tire strap on my roof rack and my friend's brand new (to him) specialized FSR elite fell off my car, smashed my car on the way down, and got a badly bent rear wheel. I took it upon myself to try to fix it for him before he goes out and got it re-trued by a professional. I'v ... Read More »

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