Hot News: Ibis launches line of ultra-wide carbon wheels

Ibis reinvents the wheelset with new line of ultra-wide wheels. Beefy, hookless rims highlight new 741, 941 and 928 wheels.    Read More »

Spy Shots: New inverted RockShox RS-1 fork

RockShox has left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to their new, high-zoot inverted RS-1 suspension fork—but they haven’t said anything officially. We look at the evidence, take some guesses and make our bets.    Read More »

First Look: Michelin Wild Mud reinforced tire

Michelin adds to its new tire line a mud tire with a great casing and a couple nifty features.   Read More »

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Tubeless tire leak - 1/8'' clean cut on non tread portion of tire

I hit a flat this weekend and saw a small 1/8'' cut on the non tread portion of the tire, not being able to pump it to hold air, I popped it open to stick a tube. I noticed that it was completely dry of stans, my question is to keep running this tire do I leave a tube in there now, or should I try ... Read More »

Hans Dampf Tread Tearing/ Conti Width Accurate?

My Trigger 29er1 came with a set of Hans Dampfs. I like the tires well enough but after a couple hundred miles the lugs are starting to tear off the sides of the tires. Is this common on these tires? I might get in touch with my LBS and see if they can warranty them. If I can't get my Hans Da ... Read More »

Tread in Campbell is hiring

Tread is looking for full/part-time sales help. Prior experience in bicycle retail environment is preferred, but not required. Full-time position includes paid medical and dental benefits. All employees participate in quarterly profit sharing. Pay is dependent on experience. Email resumes to ... Read More »

does tread pattern really matter? Ikon vs ardent (2.25) vs bontrager

I have been running the stock 2.25 ardent on my LTc for the last 6 months (since I got the bike). I didnt like the ardent up front (too loose) so put a hans dampf in front and used the ardents in back. I just switched to an EXO ikon (wore out 1 ardent, sidewall tear in the other) and feel like Im n ... Read More »

Tread interference on new candy 3s

After being convinced by the bf of the benefits of clipless riding I recently purchased a pair of new Pearl Izumi Alp X Seek 4WRX shoes [url=]Women's X-Alp Seek IV WRX - Pearl Izumi[/url] which I was going to use for trail ... Read More »

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