Transition Bikes & Anvl Components At Sea Otter

I met up with the guys from Transition Bikes in the media parking area at Sea Otter where they were unloading a beautiful metallic green Carbon Covert bike they’d made for one of their pros. They were also showing off their new project, Anvl Components. Right now they have a bar, stem, saddle, peda ...    Read More »

Video: Transition Offers Unique Take on Cyclocross and Training

While some might be surprised to see them doing a cyclocross bike, their promo video for the bike –the Rapture CX–seems like a fitting introduction.   Read More »

Transition Bandit 29 Review

If Kevin could have taken pictures this is what he would have taken; Darrin getting loose - courtesy of Transition Bikes Normally I have the resources to grab a friend and talk them into going out and taking pics with me for reviews. The percentage of nights I was sleeping in my own bed and ...    Read More »

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Transition Bikes available for demo in Mammoth Lakes

Wheels in Motion in Mammoth Lakes CA demos TR450s and TR 250s. Mammoth Bike Park opens May 25th. PM me for more details.Read More »

Ride feel of Covert vs Bandit - Maybe Transition Bikes can chime in

I'm looking at the new Bandit 29 and Covert 29 and don't know enough about Transition full suspension bikes. I also don't have anyway to demo these in my area as the LBS isn't a stocking dealer. How do the rear suspension design of the Bandit and Covert translate to how the bike rides? I know the ... Read More »

New Transition Bikes Temple Lite Stem 1.5 x 50mm

Checking ebay for a new stem and ran across this great deal! Thought I would share, here's a link. They are out of black though......$27 shipped..... [url= ... Read More »

Transition Bikes

Hey all, so I am looking into buying a really good bike, more of an investment, rather than a bike i will ride for a little bit then move on from. I have pretty much narrowed it down to transition bikes, but i am unsure of what to get so I figured I will go to you all for some direction. All the ... Read More »

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Transition Bikes Product Categories

2004 Freestyle Dirt Jumper

Trail-or-Park 0
0   Reviews
$ 399.00


Trail-or-Park 4.46
13   Reviews
$ 399.00

Downhill Full Suspension

Gran Mal 4.52
10   Reviews

Freeride Full Suspension

DirtBag 4.83
42   Reviews
$ 849.00
Double 4.64
8   Reviews

Freeride Hardtail

Vagrant 4.67
14   Reviews


T-Bar 5
1   Reviews


Revolution Rims 4.94
3   Reviews


Temple 0
0   Reviews

XC Full Suspension

Preston 5
2   Reviews
$ 799.00



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