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Top Five Mountain Bike iPhone Apps

Here at Mtbr HQ, the iPhone is king. Of all of us employees, the actually count is 5 iPhones vs. 2 others (the two others being a Blackberry and an Android G1). I love my all purpose iPhone and it's even better when I can combine my inner tech geek with my mountain biking Passion! Here is a list c ...    Read More »

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TrailGuru and iPhone

I just got a new iPhone and downloaded a free GPS application called TrailGuru. It is pretty straightforward and seems to get OK results. I took my phone out with me yesterday for an easy XC ride in ocala and posted the results here: [url]http://www.trailguru.com/wiki/index.php/Track:YUM[/url] ... Read More »


Hello, I thought I would write and let you know about an internet project I am working on called Trailguru to make discovering and sharing route information easier by blending Google Earth, Google Maps, Wiki, and GPS technology. First off, TrailGuru enables you to visualize your exploits in Go ... Read More »

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