Tech Review: New Strava update boosts photos, mapping features and more

‏Update of Strava’s mobile app adds photo sharing and social features to free version, while compelling features and cycling support efforts make Premium subscription more appealing.   Read More »

Boothstorming Sea Otter: Shimano highlights new XTR 11-speed group

We take a peek inside Shimano’s booth at the Sea Otter Classic which is—not surprisingly—all XTR 11-speed, all the time.   Read More »

Where The Trail Ends Film to Redefine Freeride Mountain Biking

Where The Trail Ends: Wheels Turn Where They've Never Turned Before, in a Film that will Redefine Freeride Mountain Biking Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment combine high tech film, sound and end-of-the-earth settings, on a stunning quest alongside a cast of the world’s premier mountai ...    Read More »

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Shimano XTR-Trail M988 --VS.-- Hope V4 Evo Tech Stealth

I am about to purchase new brakes for my new Intense Tracer 2. I have narrowed it down to 2 brakes: 2013 Shimano XTR Trail M988 w/ IceTech Rotors 180/180mm 2013 Hope V4 (not M4) Evo Tech Stealth (Black) w/ Floating Rotors 183/183mm Has anyone had time on both of these brakes? I LOVE hope ... Read More »

trail-tech, magicshine, deans connectors, 18-2 wire

I know there has been alot of discussion on connectors and wire but I am looking for flexible 18-2 wire for extension cords or just primary cords for helmet lights w/ the battery to be carried in a camelbak or jersey pocket. I am not interested in having a battery on my helmet. The magicshine 1m ex ... Read More »

XT Ice-Tech Rotors and XTR Trail brakes. Constant rotor rub! Whats causing it?

I have 2012 6 bolt XT Ice-Tech 180mm front / 160mm rear rotors and the 2012 XTR trail brakes front and rear. I've RMAed the rotors a few times now, and have also RMAed the front caliper as well. Basically after a downhill stint I will get front brake rotor rub. After about 30-40 seconds after ... Read More »

Best HOPE TECH brakeset for trail/am

Which one is the best for trail/am? Please include the best roto for it. There are concerns also regaring the rotor fit on some hubs? My hubs are pro 2 evo 20mm front 12x142 rear hope tech evo x2?hope tech evo m4?hope tech evo v2?Read More »

the secret is out, publishing Secret, K-trail & Tech loop on

I'll soon be publishing rides from the Gold Canyon/Apache Land trail system on I live in Bisbee and entered the trails I ride down there along the San Pedro River on There has been an increase in the amount of riders using these trails and I'm happy to see that. S ... Read More »

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