Race Video: Brian Lopes slaying Leaping Lizard DH on his new Intense Tracer 275

He may be in the over-40 age bracket, but when it comes to going fast, Brian Lopes proves he’s no old man. Check out this quick video of him absolutely scorching the Leaping Lizard DH on his new Intense Tracer 275.    Read More »

Review: Intense Tracer T275 Carbon

The Intense Tracer 275C is an impressive bike, utilizing carbon fiber front and rear triangles, which provide exceptional damping and stiffness. Toss it down through the gnar and chunder and it just effortlessly glides through stuff like it's hardly there, creating a confidence inspiring experience. ...    Read More »

Intense Tracer 275 - 650b Round Up

The Intense Cycles Tracer 275 is the natural progression of their popular Tracer VPP All Mountain bike. The Tracer 275 features 5.5 or 6" of travel (adjustable shock mount) and is made right here in the USA at the Intense factory in Temecula, CA. In fact, that is a key factor that allows the 'smal ...    Read More »

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Tracer 275 sizing help - 6'0" 33" inseam

Hey guys - I am real close to pulling the trigger on a Tracer 275 frame to replace my Spider29. I find the spider a little too xc for my tastes. I have read that the T29 fit a little big. At 6'0 and 33 inseam, I seem to bounce back and forth between medium and large in bike frames. In genera ... Read More »

Tracer Vp - set screw size

Guys, Anyone know the size of the pinch bolt set screw size on the Tracer Vp? I need to replace one. Cheers MikeRead More »

TRADE? Small Intense Tracer 2 frame for a Medium? or Med for Sale?

Hey Guys, Im looking to swap my Small Tracer 2 frame for a Medium. Anyone looking to do the opposite? 142x12mm rear. Also, Id be willing to outright buy a Medium Tracer 2 frame, color doesnt matter, so let me know if you have one. [ATTACH=CONFIG]817410[/ATTACH]Read More »

Tracer 275 - what colour to go for?

[LIST=1] [*]Raw [*]Black Chrome [*]Flo Green [*]Works Red [*]Other (custom) [/LIST]Read More »

New Tracer 275 build

After a few months, moving back home and waiting on some parts, finally got the Tracer 275 together. Only pedaled it in the neighbourhood today. Maiden voyage tomorrow! So far, I can tell it pedals better than my Nomad and feels burlier. Position on the bike is spot on! Both pedaling and DH/s ... Read More »

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