Garmin Announces the Edge 810 and 510

Garmin has been pretty secret about their just announced Edge series, and the rumor mill has been rampant with guesses about what features they would contain, and whether it would just be called the Edge 900. Garmin unveiled two new GPS bike computers today, the Edge 810 and 510, which are their ...    Read More »

DeLorme inReach Enables 2-Way Messaging Anywhere in the World

NEWS RELEASE June 22, 2011 - For Immediate Release DeLorme Unveils Plans for First-Ever Personal Communicator with 2-Way Messaging, Iridium Global Satellite Coverage, and an Android Interface The DeLorme® inReach™ affordably provides reliable two-way communication far beyond the r ...    Read More »

DeLorme Shipping New Blazing-Fast Handheld GPS Targeted To Serious Outdoor Adventure

YARMOUTH, ME- DeLorme, the leader in mapping and GPS technology for serious outdoor adventures, today announced that it is now shipping its next generation handheld GPS receiver, the Earthmate® PN-40. The new device’s exceptional performance and unrivaled map and imagery options make it a superior c ...    Read More »

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Free/Almost free map/topo website shoot out!

Ok i think its time to put a resource thread together and if its content grows into useful info, it should be sticky. We have dabbling with various threads, digging into search archives etc....lets make the current. @@@What website do you use for free/almost free downloads of good maps and topo ... Read More »

GPSmap 62S stopped showing topo map

I was on a trip to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago. First day, the GPS worked great. Second day it was no longer showing the AZ Topo map in the Map view. I didn't change any settings on the unit. Just powered it off the previous day and powered it on the next. Its been that way ever since. Anyon ... Read More »

Garmin Topo Map for Utah?

Heading to Park City at the end of the month. Brining my Garmin Edge 800. I believe I need to download maps. I'm presuming this is the right one: [url][/url] Any validation or input would be appreciated!Read More »

National Geographic TOPO! - Mid-Atlantic

Anybody on here used this software? I'm seeing mixed reviews online. Specifically interested in VA/GWNF right now.Read More »

Where to get topo maps?

I just started getting into adventure racing and want to practice reading topo maps. Where is the best place to find similar maps to the ones you would get in an AR?Read More »

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