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Topline Uni-Grip - but with lock?

I want a simple lock/stand like the topline uni-grip. Something that attaches to the side of my Tacoma in the bed. I don't want to deal with removing front wheels. Anybody know of anything like the topline uni-grip, but with a keyed lock? [IMG]http://www.modernbike.com/images/Product_Images/main ... Read More »

Crank ID please. Cooks? Topline?

Are these Topline? Cooks? 174mm and they say US Patent Pending on the back. Please help. Thanks.Read More »

1996 Topline 180mm cranks for trade

Hello All, I am currently running 1996 Topline 180mm cranks mated to brand new XT bottom bracket and Salsa chainrings on my 1996 Merlin... While I really enjoy these cranks (original owner w reciept); the granny gear is 24T and my 41 year old legs prefer 22T for the loose $ steep Rocky Mount ... Read More »

What the heck, CQP or Topline Cranks?

I picked up a set of cranks from a guy who says, "You can have my Graftons." I take em, I know these are not Grafton. I 'm thinkin they are Topline until I find a german dude listing what looks exactly like mine as a CQP. So, guys, what is the crank I have? I am polishing it up, making it look shini ... Read More »

Yeti ARC and PBC/Topline Cranks?

Hello! I finally got my 95 ARC and some nice blue PBC Cranks. The problem is this things won`t fit together at all. I got a bb with 131mm axle, but this far to short! I saw some ARCs in the Galerie of yetifan.com with these cranks installed. What bb fits this combination? Thanks for your h ... Read More »


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