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The Angry Singlespeeder: The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame doesn't deserve to be in Fairfax

Mountain biking may have been born in the hills above Fairfax, but due to a vocal and powerful group that restricts mountain bike access, that’s all it can claim.   Read More »

Yeti All-In on Blue: Enduro Sole Focus for Racing Efforts in 2014

Team Yeti goes “all-enduro, all the time,” focusing on the discipline exclusively for 2014.   Read More »

crankbrothers dreambikes - $19,227 Raised, Tomac for Auction

Laguna Beach, CA, January 16, 2012 – The 2012 crankbrothers dreambikes auction is off to an exciting start. The total raised for Wheels 4 Life is already up to $19,227. For Wheels 4 Life, thatʼs enough to purchase 192 bikes for people in Third World Countries to use as transportation to work, to sch ...    Read More »

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Tomac on MTB Racing & Doping

From time to time I'll look at tomac.com to see what Johnny is up to and fantasize about my fantasy bike. This time I found something rather interesting. On the [URL="http://www.tomac.com/ask-johnny.php"]Ask Johnny [/URL]page, a reader asks of there was doping in profiessional mountian bike racing ... Read More »

Pivot Bolt Removal Help- Tomac Snyper

Hi, my Tomac Snyper has developed a creaking noise from the frame. There is a tech update addressing this. [url]http://www.tomac.com/pdf/TechUpdate1...nPivotBolt.pdf[/url] Has anyone done the fix for this. I am not new to biking, but am new to working on the suspension. Would like any advise on how ... Read More »

When people ask why Tomac was so exciting ...

I just uploaded a clip from my old VHS recordings of the 1992 Mountain Bike World Cup race in Mount Snow, Vermont. I was watching these races a couple of nights ago and one section of this race captures the essence of Tomac's allure. When I watched it (for the thousandth time) I thought "I have t ... Read More »

John Tomac's son Eli ....

Eli Tomac son of the famous mountain bike racer John Tomac is making a name for himself in motocross. [url=http://www.dirtbikeaction.com/2012/09/eli-tomac-will-be-contenter-for-2013.html?m=1]Dirt Bike Action: Eli Tomac Will Be A Contender For The 2013 Motocross Championship[/url]Read More »

Paid Spam: Tomac Carbide SL

More info here! [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=80497&title=tomac-carbide-sl-size-medium&cat=3]Tomac Carbide SL Size Medium - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url]Read More »

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Tomac Product Categories

29er Full Suspension

Diplomat 4.33
3   Reviews
$ 0.00

29er Hardtail

Flint 29 5
3   Reviews
$ 0.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

Snyper 140 4.82
28   Reviews
$ 0.00

Freeride Full Suspension

Vanish 160 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00

Freeride Hardtail

Omen 5
4   Reviews
$ 255.99

XC Full Suspension

Automatic 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Automatic 120 5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00
Carbide SL 5
6   Reviews
$ 0.00
Carbide XC 4.88
17   Reviews

XC Hardtail

Cortez 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
Type X 5
4   Reviews
$ 0.00


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