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2013 Sea Otter Classic Pro Downhill Photos and Results

Aaron Gwin and Jill Kintner win the 2013 Sea Otter Classic downhill and we've got tons of photos from the race!   Read More »

Geax Introduces New Enduro Race Tire at Sea Otter

Featuring full block siping, stepped side knobs for added traction and channels for mud purging, the Geax Goma is sure to be an Enduro racer’s favorite.   Read More »

KRob visits British Columbia And Whistler Bike Park

Since my earliest forays into mountain biking and mountain biking reports I've seen pictures and read tales of the famous BC riding scene.    Read More »

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TCS TNT tires

When I first built up my 2 650b bikes in 2011, there were no TLR tires. In order to run tubeless, I had a few really not good experiences seating regular bead tires. Layers of Gorilla tape, compressor, lots of sealant and soapy water required. All was well for 2 seasons. Seat 'em, forget 'em. Bu ... Read More »

Geax Neuron 26 x 2.5 TNT

Just mounted tire and wanted to note a few things. I buy mostly Geax GATO 2.3 TNT for both 26 full squish, and 29er singlespeeded. Trying a little bigger Neuron 2.5 for summer. First tubeless tire that was difficult with floor pump. Soaped it and tried for 3 minutes, no dice. Used compressor and lub ... Read More »

Geax TNT WTB Frquency Blow-Off

I was trying to seat my Geax TNT Saguaro onto my WTB i19 rim today. It had a stubborn dip in the bead and I couldn't work it out with my hands. I figured I would try to put 60 psi [B]with a tube[/B] into it to try and get it to seat (I know, probably not the best technique). Well, at 60, it blew off ... Read More »

TNT Spot Shock Recommendation

It is getting time to rebuild or replace the rear shock on my 2008 TNT Spot. I presently have the stock RP23 and I am between having it pushed and replacing it with something else. I am 225 pounds and ride in Northern California. Most of my riding in the bay area (and I ride a hardtail here m ... Read More »

2x9 conversion on TNT Flux: front mech clearance

[FONT=arial]Hi Guys, Just converted my flux into a 2x9 machine. The setup: - X0 3x9 trigger shifters - XTR 960 down swing derailleur - 22/32t cranks As you can see on the picture, by removing the 44t chainring and changing the [COLOR=#000000]H-screw I managed to convert it successfully. It shifts, ... Read More »

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