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Compare-O Bottom Line: Pivot shoots for Holy Grail status with new Mach 6 Carbon

The versatile Mach 6 shoots for Holy Grail territory with it’s wide-ranging capabilities for a wide range of riders. Does it hit the mark? Read our Bottom Line review and find out.    Read More »

Photos: Intense, Pivot, Titus and more

A few various shots around Sea Otter on Day 1. Intense was showing off the Hard Eddy carbon 29er now with their Intense carbon fork. Mr. Intense himself (aka Jeff Steber) has posted some images of two 27.5 (aka 650B) builds in our Intense forum, be sure to check out those photos here. Altho ...    Read More »

Titus Introduces 2012 Rockstar 29er

First new model since acquisition by UK's Planet X Bikes It's a year since Planet X rescued famed US bike maker Titus by purchasing the brand after it ran into difficulties. Today we're excited to announce that the first new edition Titus Rockstar full suspension 29ers are ready to ship from Titus' ...    Read More »

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Titus Store?

Titus USA store has been down all weekend. Anybody else encountering this? Anyone know when it will be up and running again?Read More »

titus rockstar carbon 29er frame

Any one who has used this frame? Any feedback would be appreciated...Read More »

How do you contact someone at Titus USA via email?

I tried using the [email]sales@titusti.com[/email] email address as well as the planet-X email address and both bounced back as undeliverable. Not good. I wanted to know if you'll be re-stocking Planet-X Kaffenback disc frames in more sizes. I hope someone can help here. thanks.Read More »

Smoking deal on the new Titus Carbon Rockstar

Get one while you can at $999! [url=http://shop.titusti.com/product-p/frtirockc.htm]Titus Rockstar Carbon 29er Frame And Monarch RT3 Shock[/url]Read More »

Hot deals on Titus frames!

From Titus via email: [I]"We have been busy behind the scenes building a new web site that is a huge step up from our present site. Before we switch we need to count everything in the warehouse and then load it onto the new system. We figured that a better way would be to sell as much as we can so ... Read More »

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Titus Product Categories

2003 Full Suspension

Loco Moto 4.81
16   Reviews

29er Full Suspension

Rockstar 29er 4.53
17   Reviews
$ 0.00
Rockstar 29er Ti 4
2   Reviews
$ 0.00
Rockstar Carbon 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 2299.00

29er Hardtail

Fireline 29er 5
4   Reviews
$ 0.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

El Guapo 4.82
44   Reviews
$ 0.00
FTM 4.6
15   Reviews
$ 0.00
FTM Exogrid 1
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
FTM Ti 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Moto-Lite 4.84
119   Reviews


MX2 XC Threadless 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.00

XC Full Suspension

Racer X Carbon 4.83
12   Reviews
Racer-X 4.79
53   Reviews
$ 1599.00
X Aluminum 4.6
5   Reviews
$ 0.00
X Carbon 4.88
8   Reviews
$ 1199.00
X Exogrid 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
X Ti 1
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

XC Hardtail

Fireline Steel Exo 0
0   Reviews
$ 5200.00




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