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Swagman Interbike 2013

Dave Michael from Swagman shows us their 2014 collection that includes the Semi 2.0, Semi 4.0, G10, Jackknife, XTC 2, Titan, and Trailhead bike racks, as well as the Venue RS and SX cell phone holders.    Read More »

RST M-29, First Air and Titan Air forks

This a review of RST M-29. The other forks in the photo are the First Air and Titan Air. They al share the same build and technology. TheM-29 is built the 29er wheel. The First Air has 100 mm of travel and the Titan Air has 130. Weight is 4.43 lbs. Note the grease ports. The M-29 fork features for ...    Read More »

Deuter Race X Air Review

This is a pretty nice hydration pack, with some exemplary features. The foremost feature, is their Aircomfort System, which uses thin steel springs and a mesh backing to tension the pack away from your back, providing excellent ventilation and air flow without getting a sweaty back. Everything works ...    Read More »

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Fox Racing Titan Sport SS Jacket Upper Body Armor

Hi all, Just started doing some DH on my all-mtn Rocky Mtn Slayer this year and it's addicting! I've been to Whistler and just tried out Sun Peaks last weekend and crashed pretty hard on a friggin steep blue trail (haven't tried a black yet). I was wearing a 661 FF, MACE knee/shin armor and POC ... Read More »

Fox Titan Sport Jacket knockoff the same thing?

I read every review on both and can't determine if the knock off is the same thing. If it was really a counterfeit product then there is no way amazon would carry both of them. So the knock off must be somewhat legit. [url=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002TK5FFO/ref=s9_simh_gw_p200_d1_i1?p ... Read More »

Gemini titan turns off going over bumps?

SoI have a Gemini titan p7 that I got three weeks ago and tonight (second time using it)it started turning off going over bumps. This is my only light and it cut my night riding pretty short tonight. How's action led's warranty and customer service? My guess is its a faulty or loose wire, and I'm no ... Read More »

661 vapor, Fox Titan suit or Titan knock off?

First off, is anyone roc-n the 661 Vapor suits that can give some feedback on fit? I have tried on the Fox and like it, but not the spit it the chest plate. The knock off is almost exactly the same as the Fox, but it's coming from China and 2 riding weekends will pass before I get it, but It's half ... Read More »

TITAN PRODUCTS - Custom Titanium Frames

Just received my custom frame and ... :thumbsup: Needed a frame for my missus and as she prefers a touring posture, thought I would go custom ... Took most of the geometry of a XS size frame from my 'favourite' frame and just tweak it slightly ... [ATTACH]718636[/ATTACH] 04/06/2012 geometry ... Read More »

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