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Compare-O First Look: Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR EVO 29

No doubt this $9,000 silver-painted super bike will shine, but just how brightly when compared to the competition is the real question.   Read More »

Review: POC Trabec Race Helmet

It's not the lightest or the most full-featured helmet around and it can get rather expensive at $220 for the MIPs model. But a distinctive design, attention to quality and a commitment to safety research is making this one of the most popular helmets in the All Mountain scene.    Read More »

Sonya Looney Rides the Mongolia Bike Challenge: Part 4 - Bonfire and Shaman Dancer

It’s always nice to line up for the last day of a stage race. The efforts you’ve put out all week have solidly taken its toll on your body. You are fatigued yet satisfied.    Read More »

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XC Threshold... Basically AM

So at what point would one consider an XC trail/ride pushing the limit into AM? I love riding XC but I find myself pushing my bike to its potential for such... to the point where I'm basically riding AM on a light framed hardtail. Any thoughts on this? Have you pushed your hardtail to its limits? ... Read More »

Threshold workout advice

I'm experimenting for the next few months with a block of threshold work and I am doing two workouts per week with recovery in between along with SST & LSD. I determine my LTHR by way of a standard 30min TT and record the avg HR for the last 20mins, which for my last test was 169bpm, from this I ... Read More »

Norco Threshold

Considering a Threshold any body got one yet .....What are your thoughts ? What's the smile per mile factor? ThanksRead More »

Get higher threshold power, instantly......

......if you're at altitude. Found this on line - Ponch "How does altitude affect power output? A couple of years ago I took a vacation to Colorado and spent a week bicycling in the mountains. I had my SRM equipped road bike along. I can personally attest, there is a noticeable loss of power at ... Read More »

Any way to lower the minimum threshold on Mission Control damper?

Hi all, I have a Lyrik 2 step and ride a lot of technical steeps with step downs. My descending skills are not the greatest and I find that engaging the threshold really helps keep the fork up in its travel and prevent endos. The trouble, of course, is that with the threshold engaged even set t ... Read More »

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