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Review: Magura TS8R 150 26er and 27.5/650b Fork

Introduction by Francis Cebedo: Brian Mullin and I have been using Magura forks the past few months and we've been pleased. The forks are laterally stiff, light, plush and reliable. My review on the TS8 29er fork can be found HERE. We believe Magura has improved quite a bit in the areas of plush ...    Read More »

Liteville 301 MK 10 - First Impressions

I first saw the 301 at Sea Otter when the US rep Kenny Roberts let me take it out for a quick spin, and then in May when I was at the Magura press camp in Sedona, I procured it one afternoon when Kenny was sleepy away the day. I have been riding the Liteville 301 for a couple of weeks, and it ...    Read More »

Magura Thor Review

Magura Thor Reviewed by Brian Mullin aka Gram and MTBR.com Pastajet http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ I have been riding the new Magura Thor 140mm All Mountain fork for almost 5 months now, and have had it in all sorts of terrain, and have been able to compare it against several competing forks, ...    Read More »

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Magura Thor Setup.

Hi guys, I have recently bought a set of 2012 Thor forks. Im just reading the manual and online reviews and they seem extremely simple to set up. The only thing I can't figure is whether to set up the Albert select how i like it and then keep it on all the time or should I get into the habit of t ... Read More »

Magura Thor Parts?

Aloha, I need some help and advice. I have a 2008 Magura Thor. Just got done servicing it (new seals, oil etc). Before I did the service, I turned the compression and rebound knobs so I'd know exactly where I would like them set when I put it all back together. Unfortunately, the rebound adju ... Read More »

Thor 140 on Heckler?

Anyone try a Thor140 on the Heckler? I've been wanting to put my HecklerV5 on a diet and the heavy 07 marz All Mtn 150(20mm axle) looks like a good place to start. looks like I'll lose about 18mm in A2C(538-520), adding about .75 to my head angle. The bike has been mainly my "Out West" bik ... Read More »

Magura Forks? Specifically the Thor for my Stumpy FSR?

Like the title says. It's new fork time and I'm leaning towards the Magura Thor. I had the chance to ride one the other day and it impressed me on several levels. Wondering if anyone is rolling a similar setup. Base rig is a '10 S-Works Stumpy FSR. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Read More »

magura thor oil question

Ok so i cant find any shop that stocks blood type 5 or its not in stock for another 2 weeks so i need a replacement . I went to my LBS where he said he used mainly 7.5w oil for lube in the lower legs and he said it would be ok to use in mine but i would need to replace the oil in the air chamber a ... Read More »

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Thor Product Categories

Armor and Pads

Force Chest Protector 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Force Knee Guards 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Quadrant Chest Protector 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
Quadrant Elbow Guard 4
2   Reviews
$ 22.00
Quadrant Knee Guards 0
0   Reviews
$ 26.00
Sector Knee Guards 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.49
Sentinel Chest Protector 0
0   Reviews
$ 90.99
Static Elbow Guards 0
0   Reviews
$ 25.00
Static Knee Guards 0
0   Reviews
$ 43.00


Enemy 0
0   Reviews
$ 38.99
Hero 0
0   Reviews
$ 61.99

Full Face Helmet

Force 0
0   Reviews
$ 206.49
Quadrant 0
0   Reviews
$ 128.00
Verge 0
0   Reviews
$ 463.49


Deflector 0
0   Reviews
$ 32.49
Flow 0
0   Reviews
$ 27.99


Force 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 136.49


Phase Pro Circuit 0
0   Reviews
$ 51.49




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