Hot News: Ibis launches line of ultra-wide carbon wheels

Ibis reinvents the wheelset with new line of ultra-wide wheels. Beefy, hookless rims highlight new 741, 941 and 928 wheels.    Read More »

Hot News: RockShox's Monarch shocks get lighter touch with new DebonAir

RockShox looks to add the same kind of responsiveness to their Monarch rear shock platform that’s garnered so much praise for their Pike fork with the announcement of the enhanced DebonAir air can.    Read More »

Hot News: Santa Cruz releases 27.5-inch Nomad Carbon

It may be April 1, but this is no fool’s joke—Santa Cruz releases 27.5-inch wheel version of their vaunted Nomad Carbon all-mountain sled today.   Read More »

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Third Battle trails in Winchester closing.

Got word today that the mountain bike trails at Third Battle in Winchester are being closed. Some bullshit about the trails being invasive to the historical landmarks but at the same time, they are keeping all the big gravel groomed paths. The mountain bike trails aren't even noticeable except for a ... Read More »

Nike third quarter gross profit margin

Nike lately released third-quarter earnings intended for fiscal year 2013. The report demonstrates that Nike third-quarter income of $ six.19 [url=]nike free[/url] billion, an increase of 9% from $ 5.66 billion inside the very same period final 12 months; net profit o ... Read More »

Third and final (at least for a while) Goblin XO Review

So as mentioned I went to the dark side, tubeless. Rode today with 35 front and rear. I had no idea that a difference of 5 PSI would transform my ride. No slippage, nice and smooth. Still seems like an enigma but i did not lose speed with lower pressure. No issues with the rims at my weight ... Read More »

Third Battle of Winchester, glass on the trails...

I was out on the trails this weekend, not been there for a while. Lots of storm damage but mostly cleared. Anyways, some low life spread a bunch of broken glass on a couple sections of the trail. Different colors of glass too so it was like the ******bag carried it in with him and spread it out rand ... Read More »

Third option to look at.

I am looking at getting a new FS29 and there is a new bike option to look at. The three are Niner RIP9 , Rumblefish and Specialized SJ FSR 29er. I have an idea on the Rumblefish and SJ, but might be able to get a RIP9 and wondering everyones thoughts on the RIP9. I am rookie to the sport, and a Cl ... Read More »

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