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Therapy Components/ Brake Therapy

Anyone use one of these? I have seen some other threads, but they're years old. I can't believe they run $150, but I'm hoping to convert my old retro rig to disc and I think the A2Z adapter might jack up the frame. Thoughts? Anyone with a TC one to sell? [url]http://2btherapy.com/index.php/ ... Read More »

Therapy Components' float kit for Slope Style

I'm asking Brian at Therapy Components to newly design his floating brake kit for my Slope Style. The VPP is not supposed to have brake chattering, but I do feel it with my 6.6, so I asked Brian and he said he's going to work on it right away. I wanted to share this, so if anybody else wants it, ... Read More »

Therapy Components disc brake adapter on carbon frame?

I've got a mid-late 90's Kestrel CS-X which I recently converted to a singlespeed. The frame only has canti/V-brake mounts and I'd like to run disc brakes. Therapy Components makes something called the Brake Therapy Disc Brake Conversion ([url]http://www.therapycomponents.com/btmoreinfo.htm)[/url] ... Read More »

Therapy components floating rear brake

Hey I want to get a Floating rear brake from these people. Who here is using a floating brake do you guys like them?Read More »

Therapy Components (aka Brake Therapy) at the Indy 500

For those of you that may be interested, we've done some engineering on a last minute entry to the Indy 500, with a car driven by PJ Jones (Parnelli's son), and Stephan Gregoire. We didn't get on the trck until the final weekend of practice and qualifying, but put the cars in the race in 30th and ... Read More »



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