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Compare-O Bottom Line: Ultimate one bike quiver? The $10k Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon might be it

You won’t win the Enduro World Series on this bike, but you could ride it just about anywhere in the world.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: A Look Back on the Best Haters of 2013

The magic of the ASS column isn’t in the writing, it’s in the resulting commentary. The ASS recaps his favorite hater comments of 2013.    Read More »

Video: FLOW - The Elements of Freeride

Most ride stoke videos have a rocking soundtrack to amp you up. But what if someone made a video with no music, just nature?   Read More »

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Going 1:10. Stick with the center chainring or buy a dedicated single speed ring?

I decided to switch my Cannondale Trail SL2 to a 1:10 gear setup. I have a 33-tooth chainring on the center of the front 3 already and am tempted to just keep that one on. Is there any advantage to going with a dedicated "single speed" dedicated chainring up front? The only difference as far as I ... Read More »

road carnage...I should just stick to the trails.

Today I had an awesome ride at one of the more technical trails here. Lot of roots, slippery stuff, mud...etc. I even did it a faster pace too. So naturally when I got home I was still pumped. I always spray my bike down and go for a couple of laps on my street to help dry it out. I also need t ... Read More »

TL28 or CL25? Or stick with the Crest?

Building up short-travel FS into 650B. Looking for new 650b wheelset, tubeless. I'm about 170 and ride aggressive xc, no big jumps. My other bikes (carbon 29er HT) have wide carbon rims and a few Crest 29er. I like the wider carbon rims much better - set up ghetto with Gorilla tape - than the Crest ... Read More »

should i get a lefty or stick with the sid?

to cut a long story short, i have a carbon flash with a pair of sid race forks, the bike is used on roads, canal paths, fire roads and smoothish singletrack, nothing mad, i also have a jekyll for the mad stuff, i've been really pleased with the carbon flash, its lovely for what i do on it but i rece ... Read More »

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