Teva pivot

Trying out the teva pivots right now. On of the few shoes in its class that come in a 14. It is a true 14. Pretty good shoe. I've been waiting on an SPD skate style shoe for a while that doesn't weight a ton. I'd give it 4/5 right now.Read More »

Teva Pivot

Anybody had time on these shoes already? My AM45 is looking pretty beat up and I can't decide between the Teva Pivot or the 5.10 Minnaar/Maltese Falcon.Read More »

Teva the Links vs 5 10 's new Freeride vxi vs Macaskill Freerides

Teva the Links, 5:10 VXi or maybe just the old freerides link to the new 5:10s..... [url=]Five Ten | Freerider VXi - Charcoal / Grey[/url] I've been riding the 5:10" impacts for a longwhile. Bought (2) pairs a few ... Read More »

Teva the Links. Everyday shoe?

Hello, I am looking on buying a pair of [URL=""]Teva the Links[/URL]. I would like to use them, apart from mountain biking, as an everyday shoe too. Are they comfortable or flexible enough to be used as an everyday shoe? Thanks in advance!!Read More »

Teva Pivot shoes?

Anyone tried these? Opinions? I'm looking for a clipless shoes that are wider in the toe box...Read More »


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