1993 Teesdale Hot

My 1993 Teesdale Hot Before: [IMG]http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f375/mrjustin007/IMAG0104.jpg[/IMG] After: [IMG]http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f375/mrjustin007/P4300038.jpg[/IMG] Full build pics up soonRead More »


[ATTACH]584050[/ATTACH]my fat oneRead More »

And so it begins, the Teesdale brave restoration

Finally it has arrived. Original decals, NOS rollercams and a custom fork from the man himself. I have a full period correct XTR build waiting. It looks like the paint was an orange and black fade with white splatter. Not particular to my taste but I want to stay true to the original artwork. The pa ... Read More »

Got A Teesdale?

My buddy Captain Bob does, and this is his sweet ride. True Temper OX Platinum, Paragon sliders, painted to match Origin 8 fork, and sundry bits. Rides very dreamy, like a single speed should made from steel. Teesdale is local to us here in Iowa, and he's been torching frames up for years. He mad ... Read More »


I cant seem to transfer picture of my teesdale but it is posted on single speed forum under snow bikeRead More »


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