Vuelta All-Mountain MTB and Team V MTB wheelset

Vuelta All-Mountain MTB and Team V MTB wheelset  Review, photos and videos by Lee Lau VUELTA WHEELSETS Summary Vuelta wheelsets show that sometimes, the bike industry can produce good components at a reasonable price. In my opinion, wheelsets should be assessed on - (i) weight; ...    Read More »

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Fillet brazing tangent tubes

See my design below: Can this be done? Is the fillet strong enough to hold up?Read More »

Raleigh Tangent

This is a follow-up to a post I made regarding early Shimano STi shifters. Matt H. had some great photos [url][/url] of his Tangent and here's some of mine. Interestingly, Matt comments his is a 1991 version; I'm fairly sure it is not. I purchased mine i ... Read More »

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