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Compare-O Bottom Line: GT Sensor Carbon Expert's stellar suspension performance underwhelmed by parts spec

GT’s new AOS suspension design delivers high-level performance. But can it mask sub-parts spec.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Highly versatile Ibis Ripley eschews convention to splendid results

The Ibis Ripley has the get-up-and-go of a long-travel cross-country bike, the playfulness of a small-wheeled trail tamer, and even the cajones to tackle some light-duty enduro racing.    Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Ibis Ripley

It took six long years for this purported do-anything 29er to go from idea to actuality. Now it’s time to find out if it was worth the wait.    Read More »

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Tamer front range trails?

Gonna be visiting the front range in July. Bringing a Salsa Fargo as a do everything bike while I'm out there. Not planning on doing a lot of mountain biking with it. More exploring. Any recommendations on tamer trail systems in and around Boulder and Golden? Also, wouldn't mind spending a da ... Read More »

White Industries Limbo Spider or Mtn Tamer Triple ?

I'm sure most folks here are familiar with both adapters. I have one of each, and run 18t cogs on them. I haven't noticed much difference between them, other than that on the Mtn Tamer Triple it is harder to mount the cog. Installed correctly however, and it seems as solid as the Limbo Spider. I ... Read More »

Paid SPAM: Bandersnatch, RST fork, and mtn. tamer for sale

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SPAM: Mountain Tamer

Mountain Tamer and other parts for sale in classifieds. [url]http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=32237&cat=7[/url]Read More »

Tamer Tricky Dick/Pivot Plus engineering mods

Does anyone have the new style (hollow, pressed in pins) Tamer seatpost, and have a good understanding for how the pins are designed/installed? The reason I ask is I had the original style Pivot Plus that held up well, except for two design flaws....the pins were hollow, and there's no bump stop ... Read More »

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Tamer Product Categories


Weekender 0
0   Reviews
$ 33.96

Suspension Seatpost

Centrik 3.31
13   Reviews
$ 89.51
Honest Abe 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00
Pivot Plus XC 4
41   Reviews
$ 121.50
Post-Centric Seatpost (older models) 3.26
23   Reviews


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