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Hot News: Ibis launches line of ultra-wide carbon wheels

Ibis reinvents the wheelset with new line of ultra-wide wheels. Beefy, hookless rims highlight new 741, 941 and 928 wheels.    Read More »

Hot News: Shimano releases new 11-speed XTR group with 1x, 2x and 3x configurations

Shimano officially announced the long-anticipated release of a new 11-speed XTR mountain bike component group today in both Race and Trail tuned versions.    Read More »

Hot Product: ENVE launches new MSERIES rims, wheelsets

Wheel-maker ENVE has announced a new series of carbon wheel sets called MSERIES, designed to meet the needs of four specific user groups, according to the company.   Read More »

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Any replacements for TAG Wheels?

I had my heart set on some TAG Wheels and now I see that they went out of business a few years back. Does anyone know of any wheels on the market that are comparable to the TAG's? No spokes...indestructible...never think about wheels again...Read More »

What happened to TAG wheels?

What happened to TAG wheels? The company seems to have vaporized [url]http://www.mtnbikeriders.com/2008/10/02/interbike-2008-tag-wheels/[/url]Read More »

TAG Wheels FRX5's available?

Anyone know where to get a a hold of these wheels? No one online (at least trough Google) appears to be in stock, and the company is not responsive (fax line is down, no one answers the phone). Waiting on a response to a email I sent to them earlier today. Maybe they went out of business?Read More »

Tag Wheels Wtf!!!!!

I've been trying to contact Mike from tag wheels for quite some time, email, phone calls---nothing works. Any info on this would be super.Read More »

Tag Wheels WTF!!!

I've been trying to get in contact with Mike for over a month now. Emails are not returned, calls go straight to answering machine. Does anyone have any info? Mike, if you're out there CALL ME, the season has begun and my wheels are toasted. HELP!Read More »

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