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Compare-O Bottom Line: Scalable Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 0 a lightweight, versatile winner

The versatile Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 0 changes colors like a chameleon making it one of the most versatile bikes in our test. See how it does with the rest of the mountain here.   Read More »

Review: DT Swiss Spline One Wheelset

The DT Swiss Spline 1 is an excellent set of wheels, that are stiff, strong and light, and utilize their superb 240 hub internals.    Read More »

Specialized Fatboy

Fatbiking is about fun, adventure, determination, accomplishment, and a little bit of insanity. Specialized has rolled all of this up into a nice package that makes me actually want to go out in 12 degree temperatures to ride in the snow.   Read More »

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Revelation 20mm TA

Rockshox website shows the Revelation comes in 20mm TA - but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Do they make RCT3, Taper, 20mm TA? I'd really like to see a Pike with 130-140mm travel -- but that's not happening, so a 20mm TA Rev is my next choice. Pike with 20mm TA would be SWEET :)Read More »

Marzocchi 55 Micro Switch Ta Fork 2013 - Uphill

Plenty of info regading downhill capabilities but no feedback on how good it is to pedal up hill. Only 300grm heavier than my current forks which is a POS so want to upgrade to the 55's. As I do a fair bit of trail riding I do want to know how well it feels going up hill when you have to push ... Read More »

SPAM: Rock Shox Reba 29er 120mm 20mm TA F/S

Anyone looking for a good, lightly used fork at a cheap price check it out here [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=86621&title=rock-shox-reba-team-29er-120mm-20mm-thru-axel-and-more&cat=8]Rock Shox Reba Team 29er 120mm 20mm thru axel and more! - Buy and Sell and Review Mount ... Read More »

Locking a bike with a 15mm TA

I've done a search on the topic and returned a thread that's a few years old. I've got a 15mm TA Fox 34 and I'm looking to lock my bike on top of my car. I've got a regular adapter, but am looking for a locking solution. Anyone using anything in particular?Read More »

Loss of clamping force on my 15mm TA QR?

I have a Rock Shox Reba RL with 15mm TA. Starting yesterday it seems like I've loss most of the clamping force in the QR. How could that happen? Previously when I put the wheel in the dropouts, I would turn and tighten the TA until it was just snug, then I would clamp the QR down closed and I cou ... Read More »

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