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The Hive Monthly: Nov. '09

Interbike: Las Vegas, where nothing is as it seems (OK..the dust, heat, and bloodshot eyes are real) and your money magically vaporizes from your wallet only to end up in some guy named Vinnie's Dubai bank account. Oh joy, Las Vegas, Interbike 2009. The Hive attended the 2009 edition of bike ...    Read More »

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SwissStop green or blue pads for ceramic rims?

I have some older crossmax v-brake rims. I've always used regular XTR vbrake pads even though I know I should use ceramic pads. I have the xtr ceramic pads, but they just seem so darn hard and rough, I'm afraid I'd grind through the sidewalls way too quick. So today I got caught in a serious rain ... Read More »

SwissStop Disc Brake Pads

I can't find a lot of info on the internet including searching here on SwissStop Disc Brake Pads. Has anybody used them ? if so are they any good ? I particularly need to know are they quiet in the wet as I live in the UK which obviously means a lot of wet rides. Thanks for any info. Link t ... Read More »

Swissstop Kevlar Brake pads

Has anyone tried using Swissstop brake pads? If so how to they compare to OEM pads for Avid and Formula brakes? [URL="http://www.helvetiasports.com/HSP/SwissStopMountain.aspx#SwissStopDiscBrakeP"]http://www.helvetiasports.com/HSP/SwissStopMountain.aspx#SwissStopDiscBrakeP[/URL]Read More »

Swissstop Brake Silencer

[url]http://www.swissstop.ch/SwissStopSilencer.aspx[/url] Interresting product - i wonder if it does actually do what it says it does....Read More »

Swissstop Disc pads

Do these need any kind of special bedding in procedure??? They are a Ceramic/Kevlar/Brass/Resin mixture, so this is why i ask. I seem to be getting a strange vibration when i brake hard with the front brake (well also with the rear brake but not as much). Im thinking its maybe just the tires grab ... Read More »

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Swissstop Product Categories

Brake Pad

Disc 0
0   Reviews
$ 96.00
FlashPro 0
0   Reviews
$ 50.00
FlashPro GHP 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 98.00
FlashPro Yellow King 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00
Full FlashPro GHP 2 with Holder 0
0   Reviews
$ 102.00
Full FlashPro Original Black 0
0   Reviews
$ 98.00
Full FlashPro Yellow King 0
0   Reviews
$ 123.00


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