The Angry Singlespeeder: The Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

If you could only have one bicycle, which one would it be? Is it a bike currently in your stable or is it another bike you envision but do not own yet?   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: The BMC TrailFox TF01 XX-1 Trailcrew is a go-to enduro race bike

Swiss precision is in full effect on the BMC TrailFox TF01 XX1 Trailcrew, a thoroughbred high performer with a price tag to match.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: A Look Back on the Best Haters of 2013

The magic of the ASS column isn’t in the writing, it’s in the resulting commentary. The ASS recaps his favorite hater comments of 2013.    Read More »

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In search of a Swiss Army Bike for Funrover

I was down in the area so I stopped in at Cold War Remarketing on South Santa Fe to check out their wall o' bikes. Thing is, the pic on their website showing a wall o' bikes is of bikes they had years ago. Now they have three dusty beat up models, but one was pretty much intact. We took it outsid ... Read More »

Found Swiss Army Knife at calavera

Yesterday on the way back around the lake at the end of my ride I found a Swiss Army Knife in the middle of the trail. If you lost one send me a PM with the description and I will arrange to get it back to you.Read More »

Should have joined the Swiss army

Apparently they do bikepacking there :thumbsup: [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Great deal: Small Swiss Army Messenger Bags $10 (Dover)

Every Sunday till the end of the November the [url=]Dover Flea Market[/url], in Dover, Morris County operates. Last week my brother picked up a great Swiss Army Messenger bag from there for $10, it is a smallish size though, but that is a plus to us because we have boo ... Read More »

Found: Swiss Army Knife

I found a Swiss Army Knife on Jedi last was sitting on top of one of the last log rolls. If it is yours and you can identify the unique thing about it....PM me. Sorry I did not post earlier....I just found it in my pack.Read More »

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