Swagman Interbike 2013

Dave Michael from Swagman shows us their 2014 collection that includes the Semi 2.0, Semi 4.0, G10, Jackknife, XTC 2, Titan, and Trailhead bike racks, as well as the Venue RS and SX cell phone holders.    Read More »

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swagman xc and 1.25" hitch question

using a 1.25" hitch but not sure on which hole to use on the swagman. I pushed the threaded part back for the right hole, then realized that the included threaded pin doesn't fit. so guessing I need to get the threaded part back where it was. my hitch has 1 hole and its 2" in. EDIT: nevermind, ... Read More »

Swagman xc safe for carbon frame? cheapest rack that doesn't contact frame?

I was reading swagman doesn't recommend using it on a carbon frame? there probably isn't much to worry about but im thinking better safe then sorry. whats the cheapest hitch rack that doesn't clamp down on the frame then? I saw in ebay completed listings a sportworks transport sold for like $80! ... Read More »

Swagman SEMI 2.0 Hitch Rack

I recently purchased the new Swagman SEMI 2.0 Hitch Rack and am very pleased with the overall quality and value. Prior to purchasing the Swagman, I looked at the Yakima Hold Up and the Thule T2 XTR and my final decision was based on overall value and the fit and finish details. The SEMI 2.0 is easy ... Read More »

Swagman Racks

Does anyone have experience with these racks, good or bad? They are apparently cheaper than a Thule model for example, but am I getting what I pay for? [url=http://www.swagman.net/]Swagman[/url] I am looking for a good hitch rack that won't make me skip races to afford it.Read More »

Anyone see the Swagman Jackknife?

So my family are finally hooked on riding and we really need a 4 bike rack. Currently own the 2 bike Thule T2 and could buy the add on but cannot see myself driving around with 4.5 ft of rack behind my bumper especially when I go riding on my own. Was ready to order the Northshore rack until I saw ... Read More »

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