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Suzue Hub Bearings - Am I Doing This Right?

I am replacing the rear hub bearings on a Suzue. I don't know the model, but was told that it was the stock hub on an '82 or '83 Diamondback Ridge Runner. The old bearings were a sealed cartridge unit (one per side) bearing number 6200. I ordered some Phil Wood replacement bearings and pressed the ... Read More »

Suzue Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs - Quick Release Kits

I have a set of Suzue solid bolt high flange hubs on Araya RM-20 rims and want to convert them to quick release. I have seen kits out there for the regular bearing hubs but no for the cartridge bearings. Does a kit exist? I have seen a quick release version for the front, but not for the back. ... Read More »

135mm Spacing on a Suzue Pro Max Fixed/Free hub?

Can the Suzue Pro Max SB Fixed/Free Rear hubs be [I]easily[/I] spaced to 135mm?Read More »

Is this Suzue hub any good..

[IMG]http://aebike.com/site/images/library/catalogs/soc/prodl/HU4018.jpg[/IMG] Will use them for a fixie beaterbike, low budget with frontbrake (problably a rear one too). Any one any expierence with them. Please let me know asap. Thanks in advance, Richard ps. no skidding (I suck at that ... Read More »

Suzue Hub dimensions

Hi everyone: Does anyone know the dimensions of the Suzue basic flip/flop (fixed/free) rear hub? or know where that information can be had? I know I could measure it, but I don't have calipers. For rear wheel of a fixed/free cruiser I'm working on. Thanks. MattRead More »


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