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Whiskey Off-Road Highlight Reel and Photos

After three days of riding and racing, the 9th edition of the Whiskey Off-Road has concluded. Prescott, AZ has been raced, ridden and properly celebrated. The third and final day of event weekend brought a tremendous showing from both the women's and mens pro talent and, the next generation, in the ...    Read More »

Mad Dash Mountain Bike race at Adventure Sports Week

World Mountain Bike Champion Rebecca Rusch and Furnace 508 champion Michael Emde to compete at Adventure Sports Week! Adventure Sports Week is a 10 day long festival of 24 outdoor races, contests, clinics and social events taking place at Farragut State Park, 30 miles north of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho ...    Read More »

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Suunto GPS pod

I just bought a Suunto GPS pod. Just wanted to get some opinions about it? Many people using it? I was tired of killing my phone battery on Strava and thought the pod would be a good alternative. Seems to do everthing strava does Bhutan hopefully even better.....anyways any input would be awesome! ... Read More »

Wrist mounted battle royal!!! Suunto Ambit or Garmin Fenix?

So the both of these seem to do exactly what I want. GPS, HRM, bike cadence attachment thingies, they're pretty geeky, I can have waypoints set when I wonder off into the wilderness. The Ambit is a little more up front, but when you add the price of a HRM band to the Garmin...well...it gets close ... Read More »

Suunto Ambit with bike POD or cadence POD?

I've been riding with my Ambit since July tracking every ride, my HR, elevation, distance, etc... but now I'm thinking of trying out a bike POD or more importantly a cadence POD to help track my efficiency in riding. Is anyone here using an Ambit?Read More »

no love for suunto?

hey, i just wonder why there are no thread about suunto. imho they offer the best hrm. regardsRead More »

Suunto Ambit w/HR

Any thoughts? [url=http://www.suunto.com/Ambit]Suunto Ambit | Suunto[/url] Also they have a bike POD and a cadence POD, not sure what all you'd gain. But looks impressive. Only a little more than a regular GPS. ?Read More »

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