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Review: Supernova Airstream Commuter Light

The Supernova Airstream seems to play by a different set of rules. Instead of creating a low-cost, ultra bright light that will be rendered useless in a few years under harsh conditions, Supernova set out to make the best light for commuting.    Read More »

2014 Mtbr Bike Lights Shootout

The 2014 Bike Lights Shootout is here! The batteries are charged and the lux meter and lumisphere are ready. We've been riding these lights for the last few weeks and the progress in LED technology is dramatic once again.   Read More »

2014 Marin Bikes - More 27.5 Mountain Bikes

Marin Bikes shows their new bike line-up for 2014 including several new 27.5 models and several new women's specific bikes. Check them out here.   Read More »

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Supernova E3 Taillight 2, what rack is this?

[url=http://supernova-lights.com/en/products/e3_tail_light2.html]Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 Features[/url] As posted on supernova's website, their taillight is mounted to a pretty slick looking rack, anyone know what it is?Read More »

Supernova E3 / Nexus 1st impressions

Hey everybody! I've finally got the kinks worked out and have my Supernova E3 and Nexus front hub playing nice. It was touch and go for a little while there. In the end the problem I was having (the light didn't work) was IN THE HUB. The fine folks at Shimano had tightened the guts too much and the ... Read More »

Anyone ordered SUPERNOVA HID lights online, yet?

I want to keep training offroad this winter and I've come across these lights manufactured in Germany, which seem to be really high quality: [URL="http://www.supernova-lights.com/en/index.html"]http://www.supernova-lights.com/en/index.html[/URL] I think their English online-shop is quite new, but ... Read More »

2001 Manitou Supernova replacement parts?

I realize it is a long shot, but while I am wondering about it I may as well ask... Does anyone know of replacement parts available for the Supernova? Specifically, I believe the rebound damper is blown, and if I could replace this and restore a great old fork to working order I would be very ha ... Read More »

Man's head goes supernova today @ Rockville & other pics.

1) Dan's head explodes with the effort. 2) New guy Steve wonders why he's out of focus. 3) Some dickwad eggs wg on. 4) Dan's ass. 5) wg steppin' on down.Read More »

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