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Need Manual for Supergo S-9c

Help, battery died on my Supergo S-9c. This computer is old school but is perfect for my needs. Battery recently died, looking for manual to reset wheel size, etc, Anyone out there able to point me to a users manual? Thanks - JoeRead More »

I miss Supergo!

Random thought, but I miss Supergo! It seems like there are not any more good bike shops around here with a large and quality selection of parts and bikes with a knowledgeable staff (other than The Path). Too bad Performance bought Supergo and shat all over it. :mad:Read More »

Supergo Access Comp SL

I just picked up this full XT group. It came with a free Supergo frame! Seriously, I know this is not exciting in the least, but I was happy to pick up a full XT gruppo for $25. RM 20 rims, old Turbo saddle, and I was surprised to see a Columbus tubing sticker on the frame. I wouldn't mind comi ... Read More »

How many of you remember Supergo?

I had to buy some bike stuff, and wondered about that. Mail order prices with the ability for walk in pickup. You could fondle parts before buying them. They actually had stuff you wanted to buy and were well stocked. Unlike Performance that bought them. Their sales staff sometimes were bad, but ... Read More »

What length forks to use on my Supergo Access?

I am not sure this really belongs in the vintage area but it is an older frame. I saw this frame on Craigs list for $20 and figured for that price I couldn’t pass it up. The paint was preatty ratty so I stripped it down to the bare aluminum. Before I stripped it the frame said “Supergo Access Alu” a ... Read More »

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