Has anyone had luck getting rid of foot pain after switching from Superfeet?

I'm thinking about trying either the Sole Thin Sport or some of the Specialized insoles. I'm currently using the yellow Superfeet in Sidis. I need something thin to maintain the right fit. (I tried putting the Superfeet black from some other shoes in and they made them too tight) I usually start ... Read More »

Anyone using superfeet or sole footbeds in cycling shoes?

Recently I've got some plantar fasciitis in my left foot and I'm looking at insoles to provide better support. From what I can tell the popular, non-custom, insoles are Superfeet and Sole. The Soles are heat moldable; Superfeet are not. I'm looking at the Superfeet black (thin) and Sole thin sport. ... Read More »

Superfeet REDHOT for winter shoes?

I got a set of Northwave Celsius Arctic GTX Winter Cycling Boots. There nice and warm but I normally run insoles in all my shoes becasue of high arches and a tendency to pronate. I'm wondering if the added layer under the toe would make them better or should I just go with regular ones? [url]http: ... Read More »


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