Review: Bell Super Helmet

The Bell Super is one of the new breed of helmets solely designed to the demands of All Mountain riding and Enduro racing. Some of these needs are for more coverage, a better and more flexible visor system, and compatibility with goggles and even Gopro POV systems.   Read More »

Review: Lezyne Super Drive XL

The Super Drive XL is a stubby little LED light that puts out 589 Lumens for $120. It has a nice bar mount, improved from last year and it can be mounted on the bar or the helmet.   Read More »

2014 Schwinn Rocket 3 27.5 hardtail and Super Sport CX Gravel Grinder

Highlighted here are a couple of Schwinns that are new for 2014. The Rocket 3 is a 27.5 hardtail and the Super Sport CX is a cyclocross/gravel grinder with disc brakes.   Read More »

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Cannondale Super V500 Stem Q

Hey every one that's reading!, i been rebuilding and restoring a 98 v500 past two summers to original spec as much as i could and im nearly done, one thing came up twice now and that is the handlebar got loose twice now in past 3 months so im not 100% sure why that is tho i taken it off and looked a ... Read More »

2005 Manitou Black Super Air SPV Evolve 100mm Oil Level

I am looking for the proper oil level for this shock. The 2005 fork service manual refers me to the 2005 Black service manual for the oil level which I am not able to locate. I have found the oil level for the 2004 SPV (2.9" - 3.0") and the 2006 SPV (2.7"-2.8"), but can't seem to find it for the 2 ... Read More »

Super long top tubes?

Hi guys, I am 6'5" tall and like a long top tube. Currently riding the Yeti 575 which is pretty good at 647mm long. With the current trend of bikes going longer I was wondering if anyone knew of any 140-160mm travel bikes with a longer top tube. I really want to run a shorter (60mm) stem. ... Read More »

Nipple size vs. spoke wrench - the Super B round one.

Greetings, Just rounded off two nipples truing the front wheel & decided it was time to get a better spoke wrench. The 3.2mm slot in the Round spoke wrench that came with my Super B kit appears to point to the black or .127" Park Tool wrench I am looking to buy. Directly across from the 3.2mm s ... Read More »

HooDoo Cup - Fairbanks Super D Race

We are putting on a Super D Race in Fairbanks on August 24th at the Ester Dome Single Track. Check out the poster for more information, see you there! [ATTACH=CONFIG]817226[/ATTACH]Read More »

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