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UBP Adds Two New Staff Members

  January 15, 2008 (Ashland, OR) - United Bicycle Parts ("UBP") continues to expand and is pleased to announce two new staff additions. Dylan Robbins has been hired as the company’s newest Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative. Dylan is an accomplished sales professional with a str ...    Read More »

PRO-LITE and ON ONE now available from UBP!

  November 13, 2007 (Ashland, OR) - United Bicycle Parts ("UBP") is very pleased to announce it has expanded its product offerings to include two new high profile lines, Pro-Lite and On One. Pro-Lite is perhaps best known for their proprietary branded top quality road, track and Tri/TT wheels. ...    Read More »

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Sugino XD600 152mm crank on sale

Tree Fort bikes has the Sugino XD600 152mm crank set on sale for $91. [url=http://www.treefortbikes.com/product/333222350733/119/Sugino-XD600-152mm-24-and-36-and-50.html]Sugino XD600 152mm 24/36/50 in Tree Fort Bikes Cranks (cat119)[/url] This is the lowest price I have seen for this excellent ... Read More »

Sugino DX1 Crank Arms?

Anybody know where I can find some of these arms in 165? If not, do any of you have any suggestions for similar quality, spare taper, crank arms in either 110bcd or 104bcd, and 165 length? Thanks, folks. [img]http://www.suginoltd.co.jp/bmp/dx1.jpg[/img]Read More »

sugino tandem crank on MTB??

Long story short: I stripped one of the bolt holes for the small chainring on the inside of my sugino XD 600 crankset (the day before my new torque wrench arrived, no less). I can't find anyone that sells the XD-600 crankarm/spider as a stand alone item. However, lots of places sell a Sugino ... Read More »

Sugino chainring indexing

I'm taking apart my Sugino triple crankset off my Super V 1000 and noticed the middle chainring has the ramps and pins to aid in shifting. How can I tell if the middle chainring is indexed correctly? The 5 mounting bolts are symetrical and so the ring can be mounted in 5 possible positions. Thanks ... Read More »

converting Surly CX singlespeed to a 1x9 (keeping Sugino Messenger 46T Cranks)

Hi all, I'm not new to bikes per se, but I've never understood gearing ratios very well, so I'm here to ask you experts. I just picked up a killer Surly Cross Check... currently it is a single speed with a Sugino Messenger Cranks (46T) up front. I like my gears, so this is the first thing I'm ... Read More »

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Sugino Product Categories

Bottom Bracket

Cartridge BB Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 36.99
SG-75 Square Tapered Spindle 0
0   Reviews
$ 57.00


130J 0
0   Reviews
$ 28.00
130J 0
0   Reviews
$ 28.00
54T 0
0   Reviews
$ 46.61
75 0
0   Reviews
$ 110.00
Chain Ring 0
0   Reviews
$ 53.99
Standard 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.72
Supershift Pro Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 92.00


Impel Triple 0
0   Reviews
$ 42.90
RD2 Single Speed 0
0   Reviews
$ 125.00
XD600 Triple 0
0   Reviews
$ 135.00


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