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ORP's Bike Light With Integrated Smart Horn

ORP's LED bike light with integrated (and loud) horn helps cyclists to be safe when riding in traffic, but use wisely.   Read More »

Review: Xeccon Sogn 700 - 2800 Lumen Bike Light

The Xeccon Sogn 700 is a powerful light from Xeccon that features two banks of 3-LED lenses. It is a big light at 658 grams, but it's good to see a huge beam pattern from this light. It throws far and wide and that's a good thing with this many Lumens.   Read More »

Review: Supernova Airstream Commuter Light

The Supernova Airstream seems to play by a different set of rules. Instead of creating a low-cost, ultra bright light that will be rendered useless in a few years under harsh conditions, Supernova set out to make the best light for commuting.    Read More »

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Tripods -light, strong, cheap...choose two?

Are tripods like bike parts? Light, strong and cheap is really not a good combo? I would like to perch my D5100 atop a reasonably priced, packable tripod. I use 18-105 lens for MTB and 70-300 for wildlife photos. Any suggestions in the sub $100 range?Read More »

Light Stem for Rigid Singlespeed: strong enough?

Recently bought a SS with Rigid On One carbon fork and it came with a very light Loaded Xlite stem in 7075 Aluminium with a carbon wrapped 7075 faceplate. The stem weighs around 109g. I feel a bit uneasy riding in the mountains with a very light stem pushing a heavy gear with a 700mm bar and rea ... Read More »

Light, strong crankset

Can anyone recommend a good crankset and bb that is less than 800 grams and will hold up to rocky, technical, am riding. I'd like to keep it below $350. Will be used 1x10Read More »

Strong - Fast - Light: the quest

Ever ridden a tire that is sub 650g, that is fast and fairly bombproof?Read More »

Please suggest me a nice(and light,and strong) seatpost

Looks like the light bike bug has bitten me and I'm now on the prowl for a new seatpost for my incoming C'dale F29 carbon 3. These are the specs I'm mostly looking at : it has to be 400mm ( Frame size is L) and possibly aluminum. My weight is 171 Lbs so I don't know if that has be taken in con ... Read More »

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