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Strider Sports Announces Special Edition Suzuki Strider Bike

Officially Licensed Suzuki Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes Give Toddlers The Look Of Famous Motocross & Motorcycle Racing Champions Rapid City, SD (Oct. 24, 2012) — Building on the worldwide success of the original STRIDER bike (more than 425,000 sold to date), the new Special Edition Suzuki STRI ...    Read More »

Video: Top 10 Tips For Buying Kids Bikes

The holidays are here and what better gift is there than buying your young one a bike. A bike is often a child's first sense of freedom and independence. So get them a bike that fits and get them on the path to a cycling lifestyle.   Read More »

Breck Bike Week - Fun for the Entire Family

Slated right in between the Breck Epic and the Pro Cycling Challenge, Breck Bike Week has a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere perfect for families.   Read More »

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What's next after a Strider ?

Hi everyone. My son will be 4 in august. He is on its 3rd summer with the Strider pre bike The bike still fits him and still have a good inch to spare on the seatpost and bar for the coming season. He loves his "mountain bike" and I've bring him with me on real single track and some hydro ... Read More »

Teaching kids to ride: Strider? Or training wheels?

We want to get a bike for our 2-1/2 year-old daughter. The Striders (push bikes with no pedals and no training wheels) seem like all the rage these days...but I can't decide between one of these (which *might* teach balance faster)...or a traditional little bike with pedals and training wheels. T ... Read More »

Strider Sports push-bike mods....getting my 3 year old on the trails!

My 3 year old has been riding his Strider since 14 months (started just "walking" with it...). As his skills improved, he's now able to rip around town and on some mellow machine built singletrack out behind our house. I swapped out the foam/plastic tire/wheel combo to some alloys with pneumatic ... Read More »

My three year old's "650b" Strider!

As the little dude's skills improve, he's started to out ride the foam stock wheels. So I got him set up with some alloys 12" with a 2 x 2.125 tire. Goes from 11" outer diameter to 12". The traction and pneumatic knobby added a bunch of confidence to his trail riding. Time to rig up a rear brake ... Read More »

Strider bikes for my twin boys!

I'm starting my boys off right. This morning I gave them their Nitro Circus Strider bikes that I got them for Christmas. They just turned two this past September. They were a little confused at first, no pedals like on their tricycles, but they quickly got the idea. They love them too. I can't wait ... Read More »

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