Tech Review: New Strava update boosts photos, mapping features and more

‏Update of Strava’s mobile app adds photo sharing and social features to free version, while compelling features and cycling support efforts make Premium subscription more appealing.   Read More »

Freewheeling: Why Strava Doesn't Suck

It’s not Strava’s fault that some people can’t distinguish between the reality of their mediocre cycling ability and the fantasy of their contrived on-line cycling identity.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Why Strava Sucks

What do you call two people going for a bike ride? A race. What do you call two people with Strava going for a bike ride? A race that never ends.    Read More »

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Use Strava?

This keeps popping up in my "new posts" list and i thought it was worth x-posting if people hadn't seen it. It's worth thinking about if you use strava: [url][/url] I know people say "strava doesn't cause speed" (and ... Read More »

Who keeps flagging rides on Strava that are perfectly fine?

I keep getting my rides flagged on Strava for no apparent reason. I'm not even close to the top of the leaderboard for any segment, so its not like anyone has a motivation to bump me out of their way to "get on the podium" or something. Here is an example of a recent ride that was flagged: [url ... Read More »

Use Strava? Please watch this:

Skip to 21:30 for Strava relevant information. [url][/url] Please think about what you are doing. Thank youRead More »

One of the best Strava tracks yet?

Dude poached the PCT and several wilderness areas :rolleyes: [url=]Bike Ride Profile | Sep 18, 2012 near Truckee | Times and Records | Strava[/url]Read More »

Edge 510 and Strava...

Just purchased an Edge 510 and was wondering if I can link it to Strava in order to compare my rides with the Strava app I was using? Not sure if I'm making any sense but thanks...Read More »

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