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Review: Mavic Notch Helmet, Shoes and Apparel

While there are no mandatory gear requirements for enduro racing, cycling companies are making a big push with lots of new enduro-specific gear. Here we take a look at Mavic's complete Notch line.   Read More »

Selle SMP Stratos Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ The first time you see an SMP saddle it looks slightly alien or at least like some contortionist nightmare rig. With its wild beaked nose, swooping cradle and monster hand wide middle slot, it is a startling experience. Fortunately, all th ...    Read More »

Pro Reviews: Table of Contents

Below is a comprehensive list of all the Pro Review articles available on Mtbr.com: -THE LIST! Index of Bikes, Parts, & Gear with Pro Reviews- Bikes: 29er Shootout 2008»» -Banshee Paradox 29er -Bionicon Edison LTD -BMC FS01 -Cannondale Moto 2 -Cannondale Rize -Cannonda ...    Read More »

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Stratos MX6

Greetings. I'm looking for a little help here - hoping that someone is familiar with the old school Stratos Forks and how to service them. I just picked up an MX6 on Pinkbike; it was seemingly working fine except for the fact that it was 'clunking' on the rebound/recoil (not to be confused wi ... Read More »

Spam for Fox Talas 130mm With Stratos ID cartridge

I am selling my 2003ish fox Talas with Stratos ID cartridge. This was the original cartridge for a firm pedaling fork. At the time Stratos tuned it for my at a weight of 235lbs. The fork has been sitting since 2006 and it was last tuned by PUSH. Thanks for looking. [url=http://classifieds.mtb ... Read More »

Stratos XC Pro softail shock rated PSI?

I picked up a Mongoose ST10.7 Ti softail that has a Stratos XC Pro shock with 1.5" of travel. I can't find much information on the Stratos shock as the company was killed off by Specialized. I'm hoping someone can tell me to what PSI the shock was rated for? Also, does anyone know of a company th ... Read More »

ST 10.7 Ti softail with Stratos XC Pro Shock

I just picked up a Mongoose ST 10.7 titanium with a Stratos XC Pro shock and I was wondering if someone could tell me what PSI range the shock is rated for. It has 1.5" travel. Does anyone know if any other company ever made a similar 1.5" shock with the bolt hookup at the bottom? I found out tha ... Read More »

Stratos Helix Shock busted.

I have an old 1999 Psycle Werks WildHare with an old Startos Helix coil shock. Well it finally took a dump. The little internal bottom out spring broke and was rubbing and causing a ton of noise. I dont want to spend a ton of money but I want to keep the bike in working order. The shock is a ... Read More »

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