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Featured User Reviews: Formula RO Brakes - Fox Racing Launch Armor

Winners of the Bontrager Write-A-Review Contest! Congrats to “Uphill=sad” and “PeytonP”, the Week 3 winners of Bontrager’s Write-a-Review Contest! "PeytonP" winner of a Bontrager Evoke Saddle and "Uphill=sad" winner of a Set of Bontrager Tires were chosen at random for their reviews of the F ...    Read More »

Jeff Lenosky Interview - Videos, Shoes and Riding

Mtbr recently had a chance to chat with Jeff Lenosky - trials/stunt rider, race course designer, product developer, video star and World Record Holder for the highest bunny hop. Here's what Jeff had to say: **************************************************** Mtbr: Thanks for taking the t ...    Read More »

Big In Bavaria: Riders update & registration for GO BIG OR GO HOME

First riders update & registration for the open qualifyer GO BIG OR GO HOME online Munich, Germany June 16th, 2010 – The international BIKE EXPO tradeshow does not only host the second edition of the BIG IN BAVARIA dirt jump competition, but also an open qualifying event called GO BIG OR GO HO ...    Read More »

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Replacing Straitline Amp Pins

I'd like to replace the pins on my Amps. I like the thinner pins on my 50/50's, they hook up with my Teva Links better. What would be the best way to go? Is there pedal that has similar pins at the base but thinner at the end? Thanks!Read More »

Straitline Silentguide or e13 SRS+ on HD?

I'm looking to add a chainguide/bashring combo to my HD and am looking at either a Straitline Silentguide or the SRS+ by e13. I know that MRP makes a guide specifically for the HD but I've broken two MRP G2 guides before and am not willing to waste any money on another. I've got an ISCG05 BB adapt ... Read More »

Straitline silent guide 32 or 32-36?

I'm set on getting a silent guide for a 32t chainring. Just before buying I found somebody selling a 32-36 model in good shape for less then half of the new price. Looking at the design it seems the tabs won't go deeper then the bash, meaning the larger one will keep the chain looser and matbe inc ... Read More »

2011 Code R - Straitline or Twenty6 levers available?

Alright, I have these exact brakes (2011 Code Rs): [IMG]http://reviews.mtbr.com/files/2010/08/code_r.jpg[/IMG] They have plenty of power, and I like them just fine...however I hate the lever. Uncomfortable, and my hands get tired after long descents. My Hayes Stroker Ace's have such a nicer ... Read More »

Straitline silent guide

I'm about to order Straitlines silent guide and just want to make sure that I order the correct one. I have a 2012 Carve Comp. The bottom bracket is 73mm per Specialized website. So does that mean I have the ISCG 05? Also, when ordering I need to order the guide for a 32T middle ring, correct? Thank ... Read More »

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Straitline Product Categories

Brake Lever

Avid Juicy 3
1   Reviews
$ 94.00
Code 0
0   Reviews
$ 79.99
Elixir 0
0   Reviews
$ 82.00
Shimano Deore/XT 0
0   Reviews
$ 75.00
Upgrade 5
1   Reviews
$ 95.00

Chain Accessories

Bash Ring - 12 Sided 0
0   Reviews
$ 35.99
Silent Guide 5
2   Reviews
$ 152.99


Race Ring 0
0   Reviews
$ 61.49


AMP 1.5
2   Reviews
$ 178.99
De Facto Platform 5
1   Reviews
$ 165.49
Jeff Lenosky Limited Edition 0
0   Reviews
$ 139.99
Platform 5
7   Reviews
$ 153.99


0   Reviews
$ 137.99
Mountain 0
0   Reviews
$ 136.00
Pinch Clamp 0
0   Reviews
$ 137.99
Split Steerer Clamp 0
0   Reviews
$ 87.49
1   Reviews
$ 136.00
Ultra Boxxer Driect Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 137.99
Ultra Direct Mount 5
1   Reviews
$ 133.99




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