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Introducing Chrome Storm Outerwear

(San Francisco, CA – October 12, 2012) For over 17 years Chrome has been known for making bombproof and useful bags and apparel that protect you and your belongings from the elements. Chrome Storm™ Outerwear extends this tradition. It provides bike-specific functionality with market-leading breathab ...    Read More »

Enduro Compare-O: The Mtbr test crew picks their favorite Dream Bike Spec components

Our test crew picks their ultimate, no-holds-barred component mix from the Enduro Compare-O in our Dream Spec feature.    Read More »

News: Mark Weir breaks pelvis and sacrum in freak accident

Mark Weir and four buddies tried to move a half-fallen tree out of the trail. As they tried to push it out of the way, a supporting branch crumbled and the tree came crashing down from twenty feet high. Mark tried to scramble out of the way but the tree smashed him and broke his pelvis and sacrum.   Read More »

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Would there be a working difference between Magura Storm rotor and the Storm SL?

I need to replace my rotor, and I'm thinking that I'm going on the standard Storm rotor. Is weight the only difference, or would the larger contact of the Storm vs SL be stronger? or dissipate heat faster/slower?Read More »

Caught in storm

Hi Guys, I was going to go for a nice long ride on Friday night last week but they were calling for storms later in the day and decided not too. It was one of those days where it had been 100+ for about four days and there was something in the air all day where you could feel something brewing. A ... Read More »

Norco Storm 9.1 opinions

Edit: no longer looking at this bike as an option. Not sure if I could just delete it completely myselfRead More »

Trail reports appreciated since the storm

If anyone's been to such places as Palgrave, Albion, Mono, Hilton, Hardwood, Koloapore, Triple Stage etc how are the trails? Any damage or concerns? What I'm really getting at Anything dry by this weekend ?Read More »

Hope no one was caught in this storm!

[ATTACH=CONFIG]813922[/ATTACH] Taken about 2-3 mins after it started and there was only one crack of thunder and a bit of wind about 2 mins before it started to warn anybody that it was on the way. Glad I wasn't out on my bike during it. Most of it was a little bigger than pea sized but it was comi ... Read More »

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