Santa Cruz Bikes Hires Vicious Guard Dog and Offers Reward on Stolen Demo Bikes

Santa Cruz Bikes releases the hounds and offers $500 reward on 11 stolen demo bikes.    Read More »

Thieves Steal $100,000 in Demo Bikes from Santa Cruz in Brazen Daytime Robbery

Thieves hit Santa Cruz Bikes’ demo fleet, take $100,000 worth of bikes in brazen daytime robbery.   Read More »

Review: Seasucker Mini-Bomber Suction Cup Bike Rack

You need to transport bikes on occasion but you have multiple vehicles or you are not ready to commit to a permanent rack. Or you have a type of car where a hitch rack is not an option and a roof rack is not available.   Read More »

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Anyone missing a (stolen) black Santa Cruz... Blur??

I've been trolling craigslist ever since my own SC Superlight was stolen 3 weeks ago - and it's pretty obvious when the person writing about the bike they're trying to sell doesn't own it. Like this: [url=]santa cruz[/url] Craigslist posting ... Read More »

*STOLEN BIKE* Roseville

My friends custom Intense FS XC bike was stolen last night or early this morning in Roseville. I don't know too many specific details about the bike other than he had it repainted white and the sticker pack on it is from a different year/model Intense. Also the bottom of the seat post has been cut ... Read More »

Bikecommuting Lawyer Sees His Own Bike Stolen

[url=]Cops: Santa Cruz defense attorney busts bicycle thief | Santa Cruz News - KSBW Home[/url]Read More »

3 bikes stolen San Francisco Inner Sunset area

They stole them out of my garage in the middle of the night. I had an easily picked front lock. I think they must have saw me working on them, it's all they took. They even left a newish kids orange bike. I'll keep you update motobecane fly team ghetto 1x9. giant ocr roadbike silver pink s ... Read More »

Stolen Thule carrier

Hey All, My Thule Big Mouth carrier was stolen from atop my car last night in downtown Asheville...on Buxton Ave. (in plain sight) across the street from The Prospect between 9PM and 11PM. Fortunately, they left my kayak, but I discovered later in the evening that the straps had been loosened. ... Read More »

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