Clif Announces Chocolate Cherry Shot Bloks

Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chew Releases Category First Flavor Chocolate Cherry Emeryville, Calif., October 23, 2012 – Clif Shot Bloks®, the market-leading energy chew for performance athletes announced today a category-first flavor, Chocolate Cherry, available now at select specialty retail stores nat ...    Read More »

CLIF Bar’s Popular Seasonal Flavors Return for 10th Holiday Season

Sentimental Flavor Favorites Give Back with Donation to Protect Our Winters Emeryville, Calif., October 2, 2012 – CLIF® Bar’s highly anticipated seasonal flavors are back for the 10th consecutive holiday season. Throughout the decade, CLIF Bar has helped get athletes in the holiday spirit with limi ...    Read More »

Celebrate Clif Bar's 20th with Gary's Panforte

CLIF Bar Introduces GARY's PANFORTE to Celebrate Company's 20th Anniversary Limited-edition CLIF Bar Inspired by Cycling Trips in Italy Thanks Fans for 20 Years of Adventure Emeryville, Calif., May 15, 2012 – In celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary, Clif Bar & Company Founder and Co-C ...    Read More »

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OT: kudos to SRP

for when my smart meter conked out memorial day weekend.. it wasnt uncommon for the daily reading updates to lag 24-48 hours after a weekend,, but after a week of no updates i gave them a call to see what was up,,, i was never without electricity, it just wasn't showing online. on the 17th day they ... Read More »

Anyone know the story on this Easton SRP frame?

I picked this up at VeloSwap last year on a whim. There's a small dent on the top tube but I don't think that'll affect the structure. I'm thinking it from around 95-96? I think it's a size 17" so too small for me. Not sure what to do with it but want to know the story. [IMG]http://img715.imag ... Read More »

SRP Eastern Canal (Roosevelt WCD)

I like to ride along the SRP canals a lot, when I just want to get a quick ride in. A good safe place, away from traffic, etc. Of course, it ain't XC or AM type riding, but you're still on a bike and riding. Anyone ever punch down past the RWCD canal, below Hunt Highway and near Val Vista? It' ... Read More »

Specialty Racing Products (SRP) - backorders and non responsiveness

Any members have experience with SRP - good or bad? I've ordered from them numerous times in the past without too much issue, but my order from two months ago - four chainring bolts, one crank bolt and two M6 bolts - has yet to be processed, and SRP 'Customer Service' is seemingly non-existent and c ... Read More »

Shuttle SRP Sunday outside Murrieta 630pm

Shuttle from top of Stevenson trail to bottom of Slaughterhouse. Meet at firestation. I'll be in white dakota. The firestation is on left side of Clinton Kieth as you head west. This is all mountain riding, dh bikes are little overkill..Read More »

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SRP Product Categories

Brake System

Brake 3.33
6   Reviews
$ 90.00

Chain Accessories

SRP Alloy Chainring Bolts 5
2   Reviews
$ 17.00

Older Cranks

Carbon 5
1   Reviews
$ 325.00
Integrex 3.57
7   Reviews
$ 400.00



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