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Video: SR SunTour riders Brett Tippie and Eric Carter ride Ray's MTB Park

Check out this video and photo gallery from SR Suntour of pro riders Brett Tippie and Eric Carter having some fun at Ray's MTB Park. This was filmed during the SR Suntour suspension clinic road trip.   Read More »

SR Suntour Werx at the 2012 Red Bull Rampage 2012 Slideshow

Slideshow from the Red Bull Rampage 2012 with SR SUNTOUR WERX Teamrider Garett Buehler and James Doerfling. Photos by Hoshi Yoshida.    Read More »

SR Suntour Axon Werx Carbon fork and Prototype 650B fork

Highlighted here is the Suntour Axon Werx Carbon fork that was used by Julie Bresset to win an Olympic Gold Medal for XC and Julie also won Gold at the World Championships. The same model of fork produced another Gold medal at the World Championships for Roger Rinderknecht in the 4x discipline. Th ...    Read More »

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Wheelsets: Stan's Arch / SR Black Flag Expert / AC Terrain

I've narrowed my wheel search down to these three. All seem to get good reviews. I'd like to get some opinions before I'll pull the trigger (I'm not in any hurry, I have to sell off a bike and a frame before I spend the money). So, the facts: 190# rider, hard tail 29er, I'm still more or less ... Read More »

Suntour SR forks - no "rough trails"

I'd like to get an entry level bike, and I notice thay all have the Suntour forks. According to the Suntour page, these forks aren't for rough trails. What exactly constitutes a rough trail? :confused:Read More »

my experience with the SR Suntour fork loyalty program

so I almost have the new Raidon lo air fork for my bike but first let me recap my experience. mid may I contacted Suntour about the program to get pricing and general info. they contacted me back in a day or two and I got the info I need. doc I received: "SR Suntour Customer Loyalty Upgrade Program ... Read More »

Fork upgrade. SR suntour raidon vs epicon

Thinking about doing the upgrade. Right now I ride 50/50 on/offroad trails. No big drops or jumps. I weigh 260ish. Is it worth it to splurge and get the Epicon, or will the Raidon suffice? Thanks in advance, ChrisRead More »

x fusion vs sr suntor

im about to ditch my 55tst2 and i think on the vengence hlr 170mm or durolux rc2 140-180mm... both weight about the same. anyone Experience with them?Read More »

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